Acronym: PSMS
Start date: May 25, 2016
End date: December 31, 2017
Total project value: ca. 1 Million Euro
Project coordinator: EU-VRi, Prof. Aleksandar Jovanovic
Total number of partners: 4
Contact person (name/email): Aleksandar Jovanovic
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
Official webpage (coordinator):
PSMS project will provide the means to improve the level of the current process safety culture in NIS Gazprom Neft.
Description: The project aims at the implementation of a customized, sustainable and future-oriented process safety management solution into NIS Gazprom Neft. The solution integrates the best elements of the current state-of-art world-wide practices, such as the full compatibility with the EU practices (EU directives) and the advantage of the US industrial solutions (CCPS providing guidance with the 20 Elements of Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) and API providing the basis for metrics and indicators).

The PSMS project will be developed in two phases, the gap analysis phase and the implementation phase for three selected sites of the NIS Gazprom Neft in Serbia: Pančevo Refinery, Elemir Refinery and Ovča gas storage.
R-Tech Specific Role: R-Tech will contribute to the project with its large experience in asset integrity and reliability, training and auditing. Additionally, R-Tech will bring to the project previous experiences collected in regards to risk based inspection and environmental assessment from previous projects developed with NIS Gazprom Neft.