EDEN (R-Tech)
Acronym: EDEN (R-Tech)
Start date: September 1, 2013
End date: December 31, 2016
Total project value: ~ 36.5 Million €
Project coordinator: BAE Systems, Mr. Clive Goodchild
Total number of partners: 37
Contact person (name/email): Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic / a.jovanovicrisk-technologies.com
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi: http://risk-technologies.com/
Official webpage (coordinator): https://eden-security-fp7.eu/
Firefighters and toolproviders during demonstration in Poland
Description: The accidental or deliberate release of CBRNE materials are low probability events that can have a significant impact on citizens and society. Whenever and wherever they occur, they usually require a gradual and multi-facetted response as they tend to provoke severe and unexpected physical, psychological, societal, economical and political effects that might also easily cross the borders inside as well as outside the EU.
The EDEN project will leverage the added-value of tools and systems from previous R&D efforts and improve CBRNE resilience through their adaptation and integration in complex multi-national/agency CBRNE operations.
Successful CBRNE resilience requires a global System-of-Systems approach.
EDEN recognises that Systems of systems has a different meaning for different countries and protection agencies and the concept of the EDEN project is to provide a “toolbox of toolboxes” as an EDEN Store to allow different stakeholders to make available and to pick the capabilities they deem important (or affordable) from a common certified set of applications.
This concept will allow a high degree of interoperability at the differing levels of capability that each country may have. The benefit of EDEN concept is that integration is immediately applied at the application level.
The EDEN Store concept allows capabilities to be shared and consistently provided and accessible to multiple stakeholders. It will gradually build up a common capability that will span across European boundaries. It will also share the burden of development and allows for lessons to be learned and applications to be enhanced based on the learning. Importantly it provides for interoperability, which is paramount in cross boundary incident management.
Validation will be through three themed end-users demonstrations (Food Industry, Multi Chemical, Radiological) cover at multiple hazards (C, B, R, N, E), and multiple phases of the security cycle, multiple tiers of and multiple stakeholders.
The EDEN consortium includes end-users, major stakeholders in the CBRNE domain and large system integration and system solution providers, including SMEs that will bring innovative solutions and support the integration and RTOs that will further develop EU affordable resilience.
The expected impact from EDEN is to provide affordable CBRNE resilience and market sustainability through the better integration of the systems in real operations and in enhancing the safety of citizens.
R-Tech Specific Role: R-Tech is contributing to the development of the EDEN Store with tools such as RiskTweet and RiskRadar.

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