Acronym: ExoMet
Start date: June 1, 2012
End date: May 31, 2016
Total project value: ~ 19.4 Million €
Project coordinator: European Space Agency, David Jarvis
Total number of partners: 27
Contact person (name/email): Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic / Exometrisk-technologies.com
Grain mechanisms use experimental techniques with focus on heterogeneous nucleation.
Description: The core concept of the ExoMet project involves developing new liquid metal processing techniques coupled with external fields. These techniques will revolutionise microstructure control in metallic alloys and their composites, and allow for properties not reachable by conventional processing routes and compositions. The metals of greatest interest in this project are light alloys of magnesium and
aluminium, although it should be appreciated that the new methods will also be of high value to other alloy systems in the future (e.g. titanium, copper, steel, cobalt, nickel, zinc, intermetallics, high entropy
alloys, bulk metallic glasses etc). The use of external fields to disperse novel grain refiners and nanoparticle reinforcers into melts and the subsequent solidification of light alloy nanocomposites are
key topics to be tackled in ExoMet. In terms of external fields, the team will investigate the influence of electromagnetic fields (EM), power ultrasound (US) and high-energy liquid shearing (LS) on large
volumes of alloy. Combinations of these different techniques (e.g. US+EM) will also be explored.
R-Tech Specific Role: Modelling of uncertainties and risk, associated with test campaigns, material property enhancements and metrology; risk scenarios and inputs to measurement standardisation shall be provided; Contribution to health & safety assessment of selected nanoparticulates; life-cycle analysis of selected light alloy/MMNC components; normative and pre-standardisation aspects on the levels of CEN Workshop Agreements (CWA) and analyse links to existing standards; Steinbeis will also be involved in and contribute to disseminating project results.