Acronym: RiskROM
Start date: June 25, 2012
End date: October 25, 2012
Total project value: approx. 35k€
Project coordinator: Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH
Total number of partners: 1
Contact person (name/email): Aleksandar Jovanvoc, jovanovicrisk-technologies.com
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi: not available
Official webpage (coordinator): www.risk.technologies.com
The participants of the training showed big interest for damage factors affecting probability of failure (September 19-21, 2012 Timisoara)
Description: Course in Industrial Risk Management aims to develop future trainers’ skills for participants selected by the customer (ISIM). The course includes 4 modules to be executed in 8 days in row (September 12 - 21, 2012):
Module I:
I-1: The ISO 31000 Standard: Risk management - Principles and guidelines
I-2: API RBI (Risk based Inspection) concepts in Industry
Module II: Probability and Consequence of Failure for equipments
Module III: Determination of probability of failure in an API RBI assessment - Damage Factors
Module IV:
IV-1: Consequence Analysis In an API RBI Assessment
IV-2: CEN Agreement CWA 15740 RIMAP (Risk-Based INSPECTION and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry) - The Basics
R-Tech Specific Role: R-Tech provides the service "Training in the field of Industrial Risk Management"