Acronym: SafeChina
Start date: September 9, 2010
End date: February 28, 2013
Total project value: 409820
Project coordinator: Steinbeis Transfer Institute Advaced Risk Technologies
Total number of partners: 19
Contact person (name/email):
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi:
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First SafeChina course took place in March 2011
Description: The target of the SafeChina project is to setup up an education and qualification system for HSE engineers and HSE professionals in China in order to enhance their understanding of requirements of EU standards and regulations in the field of risk management and improve their skills to implement these requirements in Chinese companies and governmental bodies/authorities.

The three pillars of the SafeChina project are:
• a set of courses in the area of industrial safety combined with
• a system of on-the-job training in EU/Germany and China and
• HSE certifications scheme according to the EU requirements.

Within the framework of this project, curricula of the specific courses will be elaborated, and the educational “infrastructure” created in Germany and China. The educational structure in China will be organized by the Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection BMILP and Capital University of Economics and Business, School of Safety and Environment Engineering, as the main Steinbeis strategic partners in China. There, further educational measures for the improvement of industrial safety and environmental protection in China shall be continued and further developed.

The project progress indicators are set by the contract as:
• a minimum 10 of 5-day courses dedicated to the risk and environment management and based on the needs of Chinese companies
• a minimum of 200 course participants among which about 100 will gain HSE certificates as the Risk Professionals and 20 as Risk Assessors and Risk Examiners
• as minimum of 20 participants will be entitled to participate on-the-job training in the German/EU companies (one-week and/or four-weeks staying).

To ensure sustainability of the project, special focus will be given on establishment of education structure in China for a long-term continuation of the new HSE education for which
• a minimum 5 Chinese trainers will be trained to continue SafeChina courses and
• the education measures to continue SafeChina courses will be implemented by the local partners in China.
R-Tech Specific Role: Steinbeis Transfer Institute Advanced Risk Technologies, as a main contractor, executes to project, coordinate and manage all project activities, including contacts with all project partners.