Acronym: PROMISLingua
Start date: April 1, 2011
End date: September 30, 2013
Total project value: approx. 5.3M€
Project coordinator: INMARK, Yolanda Ursa
Total number of partners: 8
Contact person (name/email): Daniel Balos (
Official webpage (coordinator):
From bilingual corpus to multilingual tools
Description: PROMISLingua objectives are the translation, localisation and rollout of the existing PROMIS® online service (at present available in English, German and Italian) in additional five languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian), in order to deliver a cost-efficient and easy-to-use Internet based service enabling SMEs to comply with Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Regulations.

The innovation of PROMIS® as highly intuitive integrated compliance management framework is raising the interest in additional countries, and substantial market demands exist already in the target countries for pilot. However, the main barriers to enter these markets are the need for translation and localisation of the broad range of PROMIS® services, and also the lack of semi-intelligent ICT tools to support structuring, filtering and optimizing data and content in a way that SMEs can communicate in their own language and get answers to their needs online ‘at a fingertip’ in the same language.

PROMISLingua will overcome language barriers and extend the existing PROMIS® service to other European markets by enhancing its multilingual dimension and providing the selected languages tools for Machine Translation and multilingual human translation in the target domains of Health and Safety. It will also provide semiautomatic structuring of content: norms and legislation (towards EU harmonisation), eLearning, expert’s knowledge and text-to-speech components. PROMISLingua will achieve its goals by bringing together 6 leading SMEs, the largest European SME Association and 1 public body to build up a PPP with the aim to contribute to the consolidation of a pan-European Digital Single Market by stimulating cross-lingual communication, collaboration and participation. High potential market perspectives for the enhanced multilingual PROMIS service and the Consortium commitment to rollout PROMISLingua into their national markets will ensure sustainability beyond the pilot phase.
R-Tech Specific Role: The main activities of R-Tech in this project are the providing of content, the translation and localization, the validation which includes the testing, and the dissemination. R-Tech will also support activities which are neccessary for the rollout in Germany.